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Flowers are a welcome addition to most funeral services, memorial services or celebrations of life.  Families are touched by the beauty  and comfort they add to the ceremony.  However, there are times that we wish to something different to let the family know we are there for them.  Friends of the family are welcome to send wind chimes, garden benches, garden stones, or bird baths to a visitation.  Proko-Wall does provide equipmant suitable to display these items.  You can find a list of florist who can provide these items on the funeral home website under related businesses.   

There are times that someone in the family is allergic to flowers.  In this case, silk arrangements may be a welcome addition so that the family might experience the beauty of flowers without the sensitivity.  Proko-Wall does offer two silk casket sprays for those with extreme sensitivity to floral arrangements, or for anyone who likes the simplicity of silk. Of course, wind chimes or garden memorabilia are also appropriate in these circumstances.

Some people may want to offer comfort with food.  Fruit bouquets, a meal for the family, or snacks for the visitation are other ways to let the family know that you are thinking of them.  The funeral home does have a lounge with outlets for crock pots and a full sized refrigerator for snacks during visitations.  Of course, the coffee pot is always on!  Check out the Sympathy Store on our website for gourmet meals delivered directly to the home of the family. 

If you would like to make a monetary gift, you could make a donation to the deceased's favorite charity, or, in the case of a Catholic, have masses said.  If the family requests donations to a memorial fund, but does not list a specific fund, make the check out to the family member that you know, and they can deposit it in the memorial fund for you.  It is very difficult for the family to cash a check made out to the deceased, or to the estate of the deceased if no estate account is going to be established.  Proko-Wall does have envelopes available in order leave a gift of money for the family. 

Regardless of how you express sympathy, the gift of your presence is always welcome.  Many times being present is the greatest gift that you can give.  


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