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After Care Benefits

As grief is a journey not experienced the same way by any two people, the team at Proko-Wall Funeral Home reaches out to mourners with a variety of phone calls, home visits, reading materials and support programs. All families served by the funeral home recieve a quarterly newletter called Tomorrow filled with articles on grieving, community events, helpful resources, Proko-Wall news, and recipes for easy nutritious meals.  In addition, our grief library, the largest in the Green Bay area, offers over 100 selections of book and videos.  The funeral home also flies the flag on the first anniversary of a veteran's death, and provides the family with a special certificate of the event.

Families who select any service other than our direct cremation package are also invited to the Spring Planting Event and a Holiday Service of Remembrance.  The Spring Planting acknowledges the changing of the seasons and the opportunity for growth in all of our lives.  And because the holidays are such a special time for family, they often become a diffcult path during a grief journey.  The Holiday Service offers a safe place to mourn your loved while while acknowledging the sacredness of the season.

Widows and widowers are invited to two bus trips during their first year of mourning.  The widow and a guest are pampered with coach travel, a meal, a local venue of interest.  Past destinations include Door County, Miller Park, Waupaca's Chain of Lakes, Amish Communities, The Paine Center, and the Foxy Lady. 

The Proko-Wall team realizes that your grief journey has just begun.  We take pride in the fact that our care does not end when the funeral is over.