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Archived Questions

Do you offer cremation merchandise?

Proko-Wall Funeral Home & Crematory is proud to offer the Green Bay area's largest selection of cremation merchandise.  Our selection room offers many choices of in-stock urns, from breath-taking, one of a kind, pieces of art ready for display in your home, to the sturdiest of urns suitable for burial.   And we have the perfect sized urn for every need.  Should you require a small urn suitable for keepsakes, or a companion urn for the couple who will not be apart, even in death, you will find it in our seletion room.  Many urns can even be personalized or engraved in time for your loved one's memorial service.

And for those who want something different?  Something extraordinary?  Proko-Wall also offers keepsake jewelry, memory stones, Christmas ornaments, blown glass pieces, Rock & Water landscaping urns, clocks, touchstones, and is the exclusive provider for Lifegem in the area.  Should you desire that special something as unique as your love one, Thumbie jewelry is available in an array of selections and sizes.

Feel free to stop in and tour our selection room during normal business hours (9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Saturday) or call 468-4111 to make an appointment.  A small selection of merchandise is available for viewing on this website. 

And if you cannot find something perfect already in stock, our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in custom ordering the ideal tribute from a large selection of reputable vendors.  Feel secure in allowing us to handle the details for you. 

Do you offer rental caskets for cremation?

Proko-Wall Funeral Home & Crematory is proud to offer not only rental caskets, but also the Green Bay area's largest inventory of alternative containers, cremation containers, and caskets suitable for cremation.  First, it is important to know that a casket is not required for cremation.  However, many families wish to have their loved one cremated following a traditional funeral service.  Proko-Wall Funeral Home offers rental caskets in oak or cherry, and also provides a plus-sized rental casket for a person of larger stature.  Rental caskets have a solid wooden shell, which looks exactly like a regular casket, but the inside of the casket is removed from the shell with every use.  Your loved one remains in the inside container for the cremation process.

Proko-Wall also offers solid wood cremation containers and a selection of traditional caskets suitable for cremation for the family that does not want to use a rental casket.  Some of these caskets can be personalized to celebrate the life of your loved one in a special way. 

For those who wish to have a memorial service where no casket will be present, Proko-Wall Funeral Home offers a selection of alternative containers to suit your cremation needs.  Many families opt to purchase an urn for the memorial service and the funeral home offers an inventory of urns second to none. 

No matter if you wish to have a traditional funeral service or a memorial service with cremation, Proko-Wall Funeral Home & Crematory has the perfect merchandise on hand to fit your needs.  Please feel free to stop in and take a tour our selection room. 

I am Roman Catholic. What do I need to know about cremation?

The Catholic Church does allow for cremation as a method of final disposition, unless cremation was selected for anti-Christian motives.  However, the Church does have guidelines for the Catholic Funeral Rite that families should be aware of.  The traditional Catholic Rite includes an evening of visitation with a parish wake service, the Mass of Christian Burial (also called a funeral mass), and the rite of committal.  Proko-Wall Funeral Home in Green Bay offers a wide range of services and merchandise for a traditional funeral or a memorial service for those families desiring cremation. 

Even when cremation is chosen, the Church prefers that the body of the deceased be present for the funeral srvices.  Families would gather at the funeral home for an evening of visitation and a parish wake service, go to church the next day for a funeral mass, and go to the cemetery or mausoleum for the rite of committal after the cremation has taken place.  In order to best accomodate families desiring cremation and a traditional funeral service, Proko-Wall Funeral Home offers a large assortment of rental caskets and wooden caskets suitable for cremation. 

If the body is not able to be viewed due to the manner of death, the Church does allow for a funeral mass to be said in the presence of the cremated remains (commonly called ashes) rather than the body.  The cremated remains are to be treated with the same dignity and respect that the human body is.  The Church states that the cremated remains are to be buried in a cemetery, entombed in a mausoleum or buried at sea.  Scattering would not be an option in the Catholic rite.  Proko-Wall Funeral Home offers a wide range of urns for families choosing to have a memorial service. Remeber to purchase an urn specific to burial, entombment, or burial at sea, as regulations for each may differ based on the cemetery or mausoleum.   

Contact our staff at 920-468-4111.  We will work with your priest or pastoral associate to answer any other questions that you have about the Roman Catholic Church and cremation. 


I have decided on cremation. Can I still have a funeral or a viewing?

Some people believe it is not possible to have a funeral or a viewing with cremation, but think of cremation the same way as you would about burial or is how our bodies are respectfully placed to rest after the services we desire.  Proko-Wall Funeral Home & Crematory offers many options to those in the greater Green Bay area wishing to be cremated but still desiring to have a viewing for their loved ones.  And remember, Proko-Wall offers the advantage of having an on-site crematory, ensuring the security and peace of mind of never having to leave our care. 

The most popular choice for those wishing to have a viewing with cremation is the use of a rental casket.  The rental caskets at Proko-Wall are beautiful hardwood shells with interior liners that are replaced after every funeral.  Your remains stay in the liner, and that liner is what your body is cremated in.  This option affords your human remains the dignity and privacy deserved.  Any personal effects placed in the liner by your loved ones remain with you, undisturbed.  Those attending the visitation would never know the difference between a rental casket and a purchased casket.  (Rental casket liners are not accepted by local cemeteries or mausoleums.)

Should you desire a casket of your own, the funeral home offers a large selection of wooden alternative containers and caskets suitable for cremation in a wide price range.  Remember though, Wisconsin law does not require that you purchase a casket for cremation. 

These options allow you to have a service that celebrates the uniqueness of your life, allows your loved ones the opportunity for a final goodbye, and maintains your personal wishes and values. 

My loved one wants their ashes scattered. What are my options?

The first step is to make sure that scattering is permitted by local laws and ordinances.  Once this is acertained, there are many possibilities. 

Should your loved one want to be in or near the water, the funeral home offers water urns that will float for a short time before descending into a favorite lake or river.  This affords time for a prayer or poem to be said while releasing the cremated remains.  Some will use a trowel to carve a heart or circle into the beach, spinkle the ashes into the sand, and allow the tide to slowly take the ashes. And some ocean lovers are having their urns taken to reefs to rejuvenate the marine habitat.

For those who love the open air, some professional pyrotechnicians offer a service where ashes can be made into fireworks, allowing a visual extravaganza to conclude a memorial service.  Private pilots also offer aerial scattering over a favorite location, such as the family cottage or favorite sports stadium. 

For the land lover, there are also many options.  A popular choice is trenching a circle, filling the trench with the cremated remains, and planting a rose bush or tree in the circle.  A rake can be used to mix ashes with earth along a favorite path or in a memorial garden.  And some will chose to let the wind scatter the ashes. 

However, let us end with a word of caution.  Once the ashes are scattered, they cannot be recovered.  It is possible to scatter some of the ashes, yet keep some in a place of permanence, allowing loved ones a place to visit and reflect that will always be accessible.  Proko-Wall offers keepsake urns and keepsake jewelry if a family wishes to only keep a minute portion.  And birdbaths, sundials and memorial rocks are available should a family want a portable but sturdy outdoor memorial. 

Please talk to our staff about what will best work for your loved one. 

What if I want simply cremation?

While it is possible to have a traditional funeral service or memorial service when choosing cremation, some families prefer simply cremation.  Proko-Wall Funeral Home a number of diffent packages for those desiring simply cremation in the greater Green Bay area.  Our direct cremation, basic cremation, and assisted not conducted packages offer families a variety of options to best fit their needs. 

And, because we have an on-site crematory, you have the security of knowing your loved one never leaves our care.  All packages include the basic services of the funeral director and staff, transfer of the deceased to our funeral home and crematory, alternate care, motor equipment, the cremation container, cremation, placement of the cremated remains into a temporary container, and all medical examiner fees for permits. 

Furthermore, our staff can assist you in ways that other funeral homes or cremation businesses in the area cannot provide.  Should you want a true celebration of life or end of life party, our sister business, Celebrating Life!, makes your event planning experience as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Let us handle all of the details, making your event planning and celebration experience stress free. 

Why is it important to have on on-site crematory?

You may have noticed that some funeral homes have crematory in their title, and some funeral homes have cremation services in their title.  At Proko-Wall Funeral Home & Crematory, we have our own on-site crematory to ensure that your loved one never leaves our care, giving all of us peace of mind.  Funeral homes with cremation services in their title use an off-site crematory.

Because of our concern that all proper cremation laws and procedures be followed, funeral directors at Proko-Wall Funeral Home & Crematory are certified specialists in cremation.  We strictly adhere to the Cremation Code of Ethics and are members of the International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Service Association, as well as the Cremation Association of North America, which provides advanced training.  You can be confident that your deceased loved one is receiving dignified care in a safe, secure environment.

Our state of the art equipment is meticulously maintained and we offer personal inspection for your peace of mind.