Shawn Kamke

Funeral Director

Shawn is orginally from Schofield and graduated from D.C. Everest High School in 2009, where he participated in football, basketball and baseball.  He continued his education at the University of Minnesota, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mortuary Science in 2013.  After working briefly as an apprentice in Wausau, Shawn joined the Proko-Wall team in 2015, as a licensed funeral director.  He also is a licensed agent for burial agreements, allowing him to assist with funeral preplanning.  Shawn handles the majority of the technical applications for Proko-Wall's state of the art audio-visual  system.  He enjoys running, playing softball, cheering on the Milwaukee Brewers and is the proud owner of a black retriever aptly named Brewer.  Shawn is a member of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church. 

Shawn is often asked, "How did you decide to do this for a career? Isn't it always depressing working here?" He responds, "These common questions about my job verify that death is still a very taboo subject within our culture. I believe we can reduce the stigma around death, and it begins with guiding families through this most difficult process with sympathy and efficiency. Beginning with the embalming process, the sacredness in taking care of deceased loved ones, I feel there is great value.  I take pride in preparing the deceased to be viewed by their family members and friends for the last time, as this can ease the burden of grief. I also enjoy being exposed to all walks of life.  At any given moment we serve many different types of families, all with their own unique stories to tell about a loved one, or with special cultural ideas regarding the funeral services."  Shawn Kamke