Carl Pauc

Funeral Director

Proko-Wall was fortunate to add Carl Pauc to the Proko-Wall team in 2017. After a 25 year career with various funeral homes in the Fox Valley and Green Bay, Carl brought his expertise and experience to the east side of Green Bay. He was born and raised in West Allis, and graduated from MATC in 1992. In 1998, he moved to Green Bay with his wife Emily, her hometown. The two are blessed with three children. Carl is an active member of Destiny Church, involved in both children's and men's ministries. He freely shares his time and talents, and in March of 2017, visited Costa Rica on a missionary trip to assist with construction of a local church. Follow his blog, Sermons from the Grave, on facebook. Carl is an avid outdoorsman, who enjoys hunting deer and geese. He is passionate about Veterans' causes in the community.

"My journey in funeral service started when I was a young man, desiring to do something unique in my life and gain important experiences through it.  For me, funeral service offered the opportunity to share in the celebration of life with others during their time of loss.  I embrace the intrinsic beauty of ceremony and value the art of emotional the expression, both sorrow and joy that are experienced when someone you love has passed.  I have found a home for myself in the Green Bay community by building on the relationships with those families I have ministered to in the time-honored tradition of funeral service.  My desire to serve embodies every aspect of my life in everything I do."  Carl Pauc